Clean Energy

Project Management in Clean and Renewable Energy

Industry Solutions for Complex Clean Energy Projects

Clean Energy projects consist of many sub-projects, phases and disciplines and each stage must be completed within a previously agreed timetable. Delays in this kind of projects are usually subject to high extra costs and penalties. A lead contractor often looks after day-to-day project management for the owner, while the lead consultant may also handle planning and financing tasks. However, the owner is still involved in the overall completion of the project.

High Demands Placed on a Project Management Solution

Complex schedules, current budget and cost overviews, detailed contract management, and risk management are just a few of the challenges for companies managing large renewable energy projects. In this environment, a powerful IT solution is essential. By integrating different systems, such as ERP and document management, with the project management system, decision-makers can manage the challenges more easily.

EDSICO has years of experience in providing project management solutions for companies working on large projects.

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