Project Management in Health Projects

Solutions for Projects in Public Health Projects

Public health projects differ significantly from those in the private sector. This industry is often characterized by projects with a very long duration combined with many uncertainties that can impact planning. Furthermore, funding from different public sources, associated with frequent and detailed reporting to the public funders, is typical of these kinds of projects. In addition, the research facilities usually work with fixed annual cost budgets that cannot easily be transferred to the following fiscal period.

Benefits of Professional Project Management

Health projects environments often work with a heterogeneous set of tools that has grown piecemeal over the years. This leads to complex communication channels and inconsistent analyses. Project participants are not always working with the most current information, and there is usually no way of obtaining a complete overview of all projects throughout the organization.

Professional organization-wide project management is based on an integrated solution that eliminates all of the above problems. This is why it is becoming increasingly prevalent in public health projects.

During the years EDSICO has gathered important references in the field of health projects.



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