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IT business can be either internal for the company or provided as an external service.

The key project and portfolio management topics of internal IT are:

  • Resource and IT-strategy based portfolio management decisions
  • Use of special methodologies (such as SCRUM)
  • Management of IT budget
  • Management of change programs
  • Resource management
  • Collaboration of often distributed teams

External IT projects differ fundamentally from internal projects. For instance, the latter can result from the company’s product or IT roadmap. The company is self-determined and flexible in their implementation.

By contrast, contract projects have two essential characteristics. For one thing, they can arise from the sales pipeline at very short notice, and the customer determines the project start. At the same time, monthly and accurate billing of the services provided is central.

Additionally, with this type of project the service provider faces the following challenges:

  • Probability estimates in resource planning
  • Process for the fast creation of detailed bills (assigning contracts / orders / order items)
  • Detailed performance records including comments
  • Internal budgets / transfer prices
  • Differentiation between billable / non-billable
  • Handling of flat fees
  • Travel times and expenses
  • The way different types of projects arise


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