Project Management in Transport

Industry Solutions for Complex Transport Projects

Successful project management is characterised by good planning, effective scoping and resourcing, realistic expectations of outcomes and strong management support. The more complex a project, the more important it is to have rigor applied to its project management through the adoption and use of a project management methodology.

The project management methodology is a set of inter-related phases, activities and tasks that define the project process from initiation through to completion. Each phase of the project produces a major deliverable that contributes towards achieving project objectives. Phases provide logical breaks in the project, associated with key decision points. Phases consist of a number of activities that group related tasks in a logical sequence of steps to achieve either phase or project objectives. Each activity has a number of tasks. Tasks are the lowest level shown in the breakdown and produce an outcome contributing towards major deliverables.

In EDSICO, we provide a structured approach to manage any transport infrastructure projects by application of the methodology with the amount of documentation scaled appropriately to the project size, complexity and risk.

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