Program and Project Controls, Scheduling & Planning

Rigorous controls are especially important for complex and fast-paced projects just getting underway.

Our team’s scheduling experience includes multiple prime contracts, design/build contracts, and public-private partnerships. We offer unsurpassed expertise in planning, budgeting, scheduling, project start-up, and all other areas crucial to efficient project management and sound technical decision making.

EDSICO offers providing versatile planner, scheduler, project officer, project administrator, and project controller working on your project, program or PMO. Our resourcing team is 100% focused on related roles so you get the right people at the right time. Experienced and qualified people working with your team under your direction.

What we can do for you:

  • Understand your PMO, program and project objectives, scope of work, stakeholders, and constraints
  • Pre-bid schedules
  • Provide breakdown structures (WBS, CBS, OBS, …)
  • Developing project schedules, integrating program master schedules
  • Identifying resources, allocating, levelling
  • Monitoring progress, controlling all tasks, milestones and stage gates, variations from baselines
  • Providing range of reports, project dashboard
  • Organising critical path analysis and what-if scenarios

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