Claims Consulting and Dispute Management

Using proven techniques, such as Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling, we identify the relationship between events and their impacts on a project, then apportion responsibility for delays, disruption, and inefficiency. We thoroughly evaluate all technical, scheduling, cost, quality, and other critical issues; develop dispute resolution strategies; assist in settlement negotiations, mediation, or arbitration; and provide concise, credible expert witness testimony should the case go to trial. Our unique understanding of the design/construction and litigation processes allows us to assist clients in successfully resolving even the toughest contract disputes.

What we can do for you:

Preliminary Assessment

  • Claim review
  • Document organisation
  • Issue identification
  • Preliminary evaluation
  • Analysis plan outline


  • Document review
  • Issue files creation
  • Deposition support
  • Written discovery assistance

Analysis and Evaluation

  • Technical issues analysis
  • Schedule delay analysis
  • Disruption analysis
  • Damage assessment

Expert Opinion

  • Author expert report of finding
  • Review other expert reports
  • Author rebuttal report

Dispute Resolution

  • Settlement negotiations
  • Mediation/ Depute Resolution Board presentation
  • Expert testimony
  • Trial exhibit preparation
  • Pre-/ Post-trial assistance


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